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X -box live Gold Membership


Platform: Xbox 360, Xbox One
Media: Accessory
Format: Email

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Play together with friends in the world’s premier gaming community
Powered by hundreds of thousands of servers that maximize performance and reduce lag. Get free games to play with friends every month, worth up to $700 a year
Receive exclusive discounts of up to 50-75% on games in the Xbox Store. All future Games with Gold titles for Xbox 360 will be playable on Xbox One
Can’t redeem your code, Try these steps: > Make sure that the code you entered matches the code on the card. > Notes > Codes are 25-digit alphanumeric strings. > Some numbers and letters may look similar, so you may want to double-check your code.
Make sure you haven’t already redeemed the code you’re trying to use. > If you have an outstanding balance for a service associated with your Microsoft account, you might be unable to redeem a prepaid code. Make sure that all the services associated with your account are current and don’t have an outstanding balance. To do this, check the status of your Microsoft account. > Make sure that all billing information and contact information associated with your Xbox account is current. To do this, follow these steps: > Go to your Microsoft account page and sign in using the email address and password associated with the account. > After signing in, you’ll be prompted to retrieve a code by email, which is proof of identity. (For more information about setting up proof of identity, see Add security information to your Microsoft account.) From your Microsoft account home page: >To check your contact information, select Your info, and then select one of the links on the page to make any changes or updates. >To check your billing information, select Payment & billing, then Payment options, then select the credit card on that page and then select Edit to update the information associated with your payment x-box live gold membership key.

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